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I am fascinated by life and love creativity, inspiration and visualizations. All started with asking why in my age of three. So I began doing a science a little. Made some degree in Biology at uni. Actually seeking for PhD at Institute of Physiology. For my full scientific record, see my science related homepage. I am also trying to arouse Slovak public interest in science and education with project Formerly I liked playing with html source code, so was born. I like making everyday work simplier and I like programming. Good combination, but not if you lack time.

I realized there are people willing to read my words formed in blog. So I made another to unsuccessfully brand my nick. I am trying to write also from scientific environment as @biomatushiq. Mainly because is much easier to write less than 140-character messages. Even if they are purely scientific. I created graphic "How people in science see each other", which bacame a little bit viral.

I come from funny village Sliepkovce and love to exploring different places and cultures and doing sports and wear threadless tees.

And I quite a lot like interesting people. If you are so, I'd love to share any thoughts. Just find me.
Reach me here:

matus.sotak [at]

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Matus Sotak

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Any contact is appreciated. I am quite friendly.


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